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The body needs movement - but not just any movement

The Gentle Hatha Yoga class is for beginners or those who want a quiet, simple class to get back to themselves.

The postures in the pre- and postnatal classes are specifically designed for pregnant women and newborn Mothers. During pregnancy, we support the back and prepare for the birth with special breathing techniques. After the birth, we focus on the back and shoulder muscles as well as on special strengthening and building exercises for the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
Body and mind are brought back into balance - a pleasant and relaxed perception of the body is established.

In these two classes, I especially focus on the objective that women should cultivate self-care and strengthen their confidence through improved body awareness and stress reduction.

From the 13th week of pregnancy onwards

Wednesdays from 12.15 to 13.15

at AIRYOGA, 8005 Zurich

This class is taught in both German and English. Yoga experience is not necessary.


In this lunch hour we let ourselves be guided from the inside out. In addition to simple flow sequences, breathing and mindfulness exercises are practiced that can be effectively integrated into everyday life. Suitable for anyone who wants to take a mindful and nourishing break over lunch - without expectations, without ambition, without pressure to perform. 

Thursdays from 12.15 to 13.15

at AIRYOGA, 8005 Zürich

This class is taught in German and is suitable for beginners.


In addition to the group classes, I also offer private classes. In this class I work with the Woman to specifically address her well-being, her wishes and her situation. Shortly before the birth we make the appropriate preparations together and find suitable physical exercises and breathing techniques. This enables the woman to prepare herself physically and mentally for the contractions and the birth.

A private class can also be the ideal gift for a woman during her pregnancy.


During a private class I will respond to your individual needs and wishes: Whether you’d like to learn to meditate, whether you’d like to get to know and understand the benefits of Hormone Yoga, whether you’d like to adjust your Yoga practice during pregnancy or after birth, or simply just prepare yourself for childbirth with our Yoga and breathing exercises.


Private classes take place in Zurich and Flims. 

Private lesson 1-2 persons           

60 minutes Fr 130.-

each additional person plus Fr 50.-

90 minutes Fr 180.-

each additional person plus Fr 120.-


For more information and appointments:

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