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Meditation is at the heart of Yoga

Do you feel: More Stress, More Pressure, More Everything? 

The natural way out is to become quiet, and to concentrate on the here and now.


For most people, it is common for certain thoughts, both positive and negative to actively take space and sometimes become independent in unpleasant ways. Our brain is constantly striving to explain, understand and analyze everything. We often let ourselves get completely carried away by our thoughts and the resulting emotions.


Many people believe that they are not made for meditation because their mind often deviates and ends up thinking about work issues, life problems etc.. Once you are aware of these distractions, this is the breakthrough moment, the "so called" magic moment in meditation, that leads us back to silence and to our breath. And this can be practiced and you will be in the present moment more and more often. 


In meditation everything falls back into place, the mind becomes fresh and attentive again, the heart warms up and connects with the world, connects with everything that is your life.


Mindfulness means to be attentive and kind; to be in the present moment with a calm clear mind without getting lost in thoughts, judgements, worries or fears.


And mindfulness is available to all of us at all times in large doses.

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