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Not only a product, but a feeling


In our store you will not only find Yoga products, but you will find inspiration, well-being and a touch of far away countries. All of our products have been selected with great care, many of which we have discovered on our countless journeys, or that have been recommended to us. What makes our products special are their wonder filled stories, just waiting to be told. In our store, we combine our passion for useful and practical things, our passion for beauty and well-being….. and of course, our passion for travel. 

At yogatanja we always go one step further. Our products, which are sourced and produced with love and passion, are not only a source of pleasure for our customers, but also for those people who are given a share of the sales proceeds, to support them in providing a better future for themselves. Because our range also consists of products that are manufactured by charities,  our basic philosophy is:

Solidarity unites - bringing people together, to support one another!


In our shop you will find practical Yoga accessories, nourishing natural cosmetics, inspiring literature, comfortable, ethical and sustainable Yoga wear, carefully hand-crafted jewelry and much more...

So that we know exactly what you get, the yogatanja team tests every product before we decide to sell it.


yogatanja yoga shop zürich armbänder mit peace zeichen

near Limmatplatz

Fabrikstrasse 10

8005 Zurich

A limited but fine selection of products can also be found in our online store.

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