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Alessandra Sossini & Tanja Forcellini in Yoga Position


Tanja Forcellini bei yogatanja GmbH

Tanja Forcellini


All of my endeavors have a common goal, this has become my passion, my vocation and I am very grateful for that


On a journey through Australia and the Far East in 1999 I got to experience and appreciate Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. In my life journey, that is sometimes filled with questions, Yoga has often led me to the path of answers.


When I started my Yoga practice, I was not aware of the many connections between different Yoga paths and alternative health systems, such as meditation, energy work, sound therapy, stress prevention and resilience work. Although I could often perceive that these connections existed, I could not find the words to describe them. This drove me to research, experiment and find out what I could about these subjects, and this curious inquisitive nature is at the heart of who I am.


In different phases of my life, Yoga has adapted and presented itself in different ways. Sometimes it shows itself as a physical exercise - moving or relaxing - then as silence - in the form of meditation. During my Son's birth and generally demanding times, breathing exercises have always been especially supportive. Mindfulness meditation allows me to be more aware in everyday life. Also the work in the erapeutic field of Hormone Yoga, subtle energy and chakra work, has enriched my life. Yoga and above all meditation, has taught me that there is nothing to change in the ups and downs of life, but rather, that I do have a choice in how I deal with them......and that resilience is indispensable in everyday life.

Alessandra Sossini Team yogatanja.jpg

Alessandra Sossini


As a creative woman, I’ve been able to assist Tanja in the rebranding of yogatanja over the past few years. Since working with Tanja, I have found more mindfulness, calmness and also a very personal Yoga practice for myself – a path that has strongly influenced me personally - on the mat as well as in the middle of life.


What started as a part-time job during my communication studies in 2016 has now become a valuable and important part of my life. The work fills me with pride and satisfaction and allows me to work as a communications specialist for a business I strongly believe in. From the first job interview to now working with Tanja, is a wonderful experice which I am grateful for.

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