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Prenatal Yoga

The body needs movement - but not just any movement

Yoga gives Pregnant Women strength and self-confidence. At the same time Yoga gives them the necessary physical and mental relaxation and brings balance during pregnancy and the time just after birth.


This is essential in times of change and uncertainty. Deep down inside, every woman knows how to give birth – instinctively what to do, how to breathe and which movements are supportive. Yoga brings the Woman back exactly to this point and acknowledges and strengthens her intuitions.


Many of the Yoga postures practiced during pregnancy are similar to positions that Women instinctively assume during labor. The focus here is on exercises that involve opening and letting go of the pelvic areas.


Prenatal Yoga


is suitable for women with or without previous Yoga experience, from the 12th week of pregnancy onwards.

Further education
Prenatal Yoga


Next Training is planned in 2026.

Dates will follow.

with Tanja Forcellini, yoga teacher & founder yogatanja, Kim Heiniger, midwife & yoga teacher, and Deborah Leu, gynaecologist & yoga teacher

This further training is aimed at all yoga teachers who would like to train as pregnancy yoga teachers and learn to teach lessons for pregnant women professionally, sensitively and with sound knowledge.


In the media

Interview with Tanja Forcellini on Prenatal Yoga
(Schweizer Illustrierte – 2014)

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