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Hormone Yoga

You deserve a break

The balancing act between family, work, leisure, friends and self-care is more than just a juggling act. Sometimes it seems like life moves too fast and when stressful situations occur the body sets in motion a whole cascade of hormones - in Men and Women.


What we lack nowadays, is the counter-reaction that allows our stress hormones to return to normal. Without our normality, our body stays in a state of constant activation during sustained stressful periods which pushes us to our limits and which can have negative health impacts…both sooner or later.


Hormone Yoga is a therapeutic form of Yoga and can help Women in particular to bring their hormone system into balance and promotes calm into the busyness of everyday life. With targeted Hormone Yoga exercises, special breathing techniques and conscious mental energy guidance, we activate and harmonize the endocrine system (organs and tissue that produce hormones) therefore balancing the entire hormone system. This can help Women in menopause as well as Younger Women to balance their hormone system and to keep it there. An ideal way to increase general well-being and to reduce stress.


Hormone Yoga is recommended for Women:


  • and also for girls with severe hormonal fluctuations, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding and pain before / during menstruation, and no menstrual cycle

  • who experience premature menopause - with or without discomfort

  • experiencing menopause - with or without discomfort

  • who want to conceive

  • who want to stop taking the pill or have stopped taking the pill and their hormone balance has been disrupted

  • with hypothyroidism

Regular practice of Hormone Yoga can improve or even eliminate the symptoms associated with hormonal fluctuations such as PMS, fatigue, stress symptoms, mood swings, hair loss, hot flushes, insomnia, migraines, etc.



Hormone Yoga is not recommended:


  • when menstruating

  • during pregnancy

  • with hormonal types of breast cancer

  • with strong endometriosis

  • with enlarged myoma in the uterus

  • with heart disease or after heart surgery

  • with infections in the stomach area

  • within 3 months after surgery of the abdomen

  • with thyroid hypofunction

  • with advanced osteoporosis

Womens Voices

This is what some past participants say about the Hormone Workshops with Tanja

"Tanja, You and the Hormone Yoga workshop really inspired me. Your knowledge and insights coincide with the views of my naturopath, who gave me a short lecture on hormones and helped me to increase my serotonin level."


"First of all, I would like to thank you deeply. You have no idea what you gave each of us and how inspiring the afternoon in your group was, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who tells you that a new awareness has come into my consciousness."


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I am very grateful that you are offering the Hormone Yoga workshops and I feel comfortable in this community that you have created. It is nice to have a place where we can get knowledge about this topic and at the same time do something good for us."

About Hormone Yoga in the media

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