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Energy Work

The key to pure life energy

More vitality, less stress and a real energy boost for your well-being and health. All this is possible through the power of the Chakras and Energy Work. Everything that happens in life, that surrounds us and what we ingest has an effect on our chakras, our subtle body, and our hormone system.


Whether these subtle energy centers are blocked, or are free, does influence both our physical and mental well-being. With energy work, the chakras are activated and balanced so that the life energy can flow freely again. We feel grounded, nourished and centered which positively influences all areas of our lives.


The energy and the chakra systems continuously interact with each other and impact on major life themes such as vitality, clarity, relationships, motivation and joy of life. By energetically balancing the two systems a process is set in motion which can lead to a more well-balanced life. 

Energy work is very diverse and can be used for


Scar suppression
Vaccination preparation
Accompaniment for artificial insemination
Stress, exhaustion
Test anxiety
Clarifying relationships
Change dogmas
Dissolve recurring thought patterns
and much more

One-to-One Session

Tanja offers individual sessions in Zurich as well as in Flims. Cost: CHF 110 .- per session, which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Sessions are also possible via Skype, Zoom or telephone. 


For bookings please email Tanja. 

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